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With stucco being one of the hardest substances when it comes to building materials, it can be awfully tempting to pull out your old sledgehammer and begin swinging. Believe it or not, this is absolutely the last thing you should do. The fact is the only time you should use a sledgehammer is to breakdown the house. Fortunately for our clients, here at Salinas Stucco Pros, we have developed a range of specialized techniques to ensure your stucco removal goes smoothly and without causing any extra damage. So give us a call today for all your stucco removal needs.

It is Simple But Not Quick

By its very nature stucco is a simple material. It is not very complex, which is why it is so popular. When it comes to stucco removal however it may be a slightly different story. While the process is simple, the type of stucco used will determine how long it will take. Make no mistake, removing stucco is a time-consuming task. Especially if your home or business is coated in an older generation stucco solution. These tend to be harder and more resilient than the newer stucco solutions. So to find out more, give us a call today and let us get that stucco removed.

Safety First

This is one aspect of our business where we never take any chances. Having a safe working environment is crucial to ensure our staff and clients are always able to move around the worksite safely. The funny thing is that the biggest danger does not come from the tools that we use, in fact, it may come from flying pieces of stucco. These can be protected against by using masks, eye protection, and all other PPE that will make the job safer and easier. So if you are as serious about safety as we are, pick up the phone and call us today.

How We Do It

Over the years, we have developed a range of quick and effective techniques to ensure your stucco removal runs smoothly. The most common and effective of these would consist of cutting the old stucco into square sections for removal. This is done by using a circular saw and making precise cuts to make the stucco removal easier. We then use tools such as chisels, pry bars, and a whole host of other tools. We can assure you that our solutions will not only save you time but heaps of money. So give us a call today and let us get started.

Is It A DIY Job?

Many of our clients, be they commercial or residential think that removing stucco is a simple DIY process. This is until they finally realize how much work it actually entails. The simple fact is that this job is best left to the professionals. We are here to save your back and your weekend. So give our experts at Salinas Stucco Pros a call today and give us the chance to show you that getting the professionals to do it is always the better option. Even if you are known as a DIY professional.



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